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Meet David

David has had one motivating passion over the last 15 years - How to achieve tremendous positive life transformation for people in the least amount of time. Through talks, books and one to one coaching David has helped to radically upgrade the lives, businesses and relationships of thousands of people from the single parent mother trying to broker a living to business clients making transactions of $80 million at a time. While running multiple successful on and offline businesses of his own he has been invited to speak to and inspire the top tier executives of Deutsche Bank, Standard and Poor as well as many other global giants.

David's published works has been internationally acclaimed and his book 'The Winning Mode' has been fervently recommended by top business trainers around the world including the legendary International Best Selling Author, Brian Tracy.

This Book Will Motivate And Inspire You To Set Bigger Goals, Persist Longer, And Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible.

- Brian Tracy, Success Magazine's Top 25 Most Influential & International Bestselling Author, Million Dollar Habits

Incorporating some of the powerful techniques taught in 'The Winning Mode' six to eight figure businesses have regularly doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their turnover under David's guidance. Others have simply used the books uncommon methods to radically upgrade every aspect of their lives.

David has also helped build harmony between spouses, business partners and parents and teens. In addition he has coached a generation of students who regularly jumped two to three grades higher in their national examinations astounding those teachers who originally handed them their 'predicted grades'. He has trained hundreds of interview candidates to enter the top 1% in terms of selectability with past clients beating up to 4000 others at a time to gain nationally coveted job positions in the world's leading corporations. David has trained hundreds of clients to be national level public speakers and is the Director of The UK Centre for Leadership which has run certified success training programmes for nearly a decade.