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David Citron has been invited to inspire and empower top tier executives from The World Bank, Deutsche Bank, General Electric, Standard and Poor, Deloitte and many other global giants.

The combination of inspiration on the one hand and powerful examples and strategies on the other have made him time after time to be the no.1 choice for heading any major corporate event.

In addition to corporate engagements David's empowering talks have also been appreciated by schools, charities and national conferences.

Speaker Topics

David is happy to speak on a wide range of subjects and always personalises and tailors according to the specific needs of the company or organisation he is delivering to. Audiences tend to feel a variety of emotions as they listen, journeying from curiosity and laughter to empowerment and motivation. The universal experience is one of tremendous growth.

Business and Career

  • The 7 Habits of Self Made Multi-Millionaires
  • The 7 steps to Quadrupling Revenue
  • How to Beat 4000 People in an Interview
  • Lose to Win - The Key to Success
  • 7 Billionaires Teach Us Business


  • Spouse Magic: Disaster to Delight in 7 weeks
  • Teens: Parenting Pathways to Reconnect and Reignite


  • Exam Ecstacy: C's to A's in 90 Days